GLOBULA is a Geolocation-Based Positive-Sum MMORPG AR Game with an exciting science-fiction plot that combines a number of market-proven game engines and sustainable models, through which any player's gaming activity or in-game items can be converted into real profit. GLOBULA tools empower users to create new type of geolocation-based content. Furthermore, GLOBULA introduces a new sphere of human employment, by gamification of its internal economy and external De-Fi mechanics of third-party protocols.
The game mechanics do not require the player to invest money or understand the principles of cryptocurrency.
As of today, GLOBULA game is on a high stage of readiness to be launched to the market.
Project mission: to create a platform allowing distributing useful and human resources more efficiently by gamification of labor and production-consumption relations.
Project goal: to create tens and hundreds of thousands of jobs in the gaming world.
Note: GLOBULA is currently under Alpha Release Phase, so contents in the Whitepaper could be changed in the future.
Last modified 8mo ago