The game uses the Globula control and voting token GLB. Also it is the main game asset for trading and creating in-game objects. All game objects are created from GLBs with different intrinsic values (composable NFT, ERC-998).

Characteristics - Globula Token

  • Token: Utility, governance, game, intrinsic items value
  • Ticker: GLB
  • Blockchain: EVM
  • Total Emission: 1 000 000 000
  • Burning: NO
  • Additional emission: NO
  • Vesting periods: 6-60 months

Token Mechanics

40% game revenue share will be distributed amongst all participants who stake GLB tokens.


GLB holders have the right to initiate and vote on initiatives related to the funds management in Vault.

Wrapping the token into NFT game objects

The GLB token allows the creation of game objects with a so-called Intrinsic Value. The GLB coin itself and the game object are inseparable concepts. For ease of understanding, let's draw an analogy with the real world of things:
Imagine that we can make a paper plane out of a hundred-dollar note with very good flight characteristics. It is a game object that has parameters and functions, but it remains a hundred-dollar note at any given time. If the game item is destroyed, it will simply turn back into a hundred dollar bill. This is what we call the Intrinsic Value. Characteristics, parameters and functions of the game object and, as a consequence, its demand on the market, determine its Market Value.
All in-game items that have an intrinsic value are kept by the user himself. In case the user decides to unwrap the game item (destroy it), the GLB will be automatically returned into its ordinary state.


The main mechanics in this flowchart is that the GLB token is wrapped into game objects with an intrinsic value in GLB through the loot pool. These objects also have a market value, because they allow players to achieve certain goals in the game more efficiently. This will create a negative motivation towards destroying the game object and releasing the intrinsic value of the GLB. Three direct dependencies ensue from this:
  1. 1.
    The more demanded game items will be created in the game, the more GLB will be frozen in them.
  2. 2.
    The more frozen GLB in items, the less GLB will be in free circulation.
  3. 3.
    The less GLB is in free circulation, the higher the price will be.