Core Team Past Experience:
Samsung, WarGaming, Epic Games, EVE Online, Entropia Universe, 0xGames, Crooto, LineAge2, ZiMad, Elephant Games, Avalanche, Chainlink and others. 18 member in-house team, who created games which has over 100M downloads on Android/iOS.
Founder & Product Owner
Hardcore player and specialist in MMORPG economics. Serial entrepreneur with 8 successful projects. 18+ years of experience in the IT industry. A regular at Parallel Polis and Institute of Cryptoanarchy since 2014. Built several industrial mining ETH farms in 2015. Led the development of an algorithmic stablecoin Xronos using ZkP before the genesis block of Ethereum. Creator of the Crypto Castle networking site. Futurologist, full stack developer, sysadmin, ethical hacker, scrum master, and musician. Visionary with advanced ability to predict major trends.
Favorite games:
Entropia Universe, Fallout 2, Quake
Co-Founder & Lead Sound Designer
Multi-instrumentalist and multi-artist. Composer with a specialty for conceptual experimental music theory and sound design. Hardcore video game lover. Creator and leader of RS/Exile community in Lineage II. Game Master in EVE Online. Cybersports activist since 2000. Participated on organisation of Word Cyber Games. Having an additional education in: Economics, Political Science, Philosophy. Additional interests in: Art Photography and Cinematography. 2 years experience in TV and media journalism. 3 years experience in sound design and composing for TV, film and media. 10 years experience in organizing and leading gaming communities and organisations. Life experience in music composition.
Favorite games:
Entropia Universe, Eve Online, Lineage II
MBA and Bachelor’s degree in information technology and business administration.
7 years of building processes in companies specializing in high-tech products development, including high-load systems.
Possesses skills and knowledge that helps to build effective communications with specialists of various profiles and fully support the product, including business analytics, marketing, HR aspects, etc.
Has a big experience in working with crypto assets and GameDev projects.
Many years of experience in a large Samsung holding as a delivery manager.
Believes that only constant development and continuous education are peculiar for true professionals.
Favorite games:
Planescape: Torment, Horizon Zero Dawn, The Witcher 3
Game Designer
The extensive experience in the development and promotion of mobile F2P games of various genres — merge, hidden object, match-3, indie projects, visual novels, RPGs.
10 years of building processes and writing documentation for implementation project of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) technologies and software products in the IT industry.
Development and implementation of complex engineering software for solving design and technological problems.
Production process and technological support of the Russian team at the Formula Student Driverless (development of an unmanned racing car).
Favorite games:
Final Fantasy, Tyranny, Far Cry 4
MBA and Bachelor's degree in management. Owner and creator of one of the largest community portals for the Entropia Universe MMORPG game. Member of the Expert Council of the financial market Committee of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, member of the Presidium of the Council on digital economy and innovative technologies of the Eurasian Economic Cooperation Organization, head of the Committee on cryptocurrencies and blockchain of the National Investment Association. Led coordination of the local Ethereum community and educational work in the field of new technologies, participated in development of Russian blockchain and digital assets laws. Speaker of professional conferences on digital assets. Worked in leading positions in a number of technology companies. Professional algo-trading bots developer.
Favorite games:
Entropia Universe, EVE Online, Settlers
3D Generalist / Technical Artist
3D Artist and Indie Developer with more than 15 years of experience working in the video game, film and advertising industries. Author of successful Android titles with more than 30M+ installs. Has wide experience with modern game engines Unity and Unreal Engine, his works are regularly showcased by Unity Asset Store and Unreal Marketplace. Always keen on improvement of his skills, he is able to quickly learn and implement new technologies and pipelines. Work experience in such industry leaders as Lesta studio (WarGaming), 0xGames, Indee Interactive, LaikaBoss
Favorite games:
Rimworld, ARMA 3, Fallout 4
Full-Stack Developer
Master of Science in Mathematics, Physics and Informatics. In the past worked as a general director of several media holdings. Military communications and encryption operator/cryptographer in the Soviet Union. 30+ years of product code development, 50+ successful projects. Has been developing solutions in the cryptocurrency industry since 2015. Core developer of Strawberry CMS. Technology stacks: Go, PHP, Perl, Node.js, Delphi, C#, Unity 3D, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Paradox. For the past 7 years lives and works in the Czech Republic.
Favorite games:
GO, Age Of Empires 2, Poker
Art Director
Digital artist, data scientist, neural networks researcher, and author. He is developing visual concepts and intellectual property design for the creative industry, often incorporating his experience with digital imagery, digital data processing, and digital art production into his work. His art is influenced by scientific breakthroughs in a variety of domains, like Quantum Physics, Biology, Information and Data Science, and Neurosciences.
Favorite games:
Civilization, Jagged Alliance, UFO
UI/UX & Motion Designer
VFX 3D generalist, visual effects and compositing artist. He specializes in creative design UI/UX, video expertise and solutions for musical videos, promo and game projects. Experienced in cutting-edge 3D/AR/VR/Video technologies, he strives to do everything at the highest level, pushing projects from scratch to the final result.
Favorite games:
Flashback, Duke Nukem, Homeworld
Narrative Designer / Copywriter
Fiction stories, essays, and articles writer. He composes game plots, game content and text articles about in-game mechanics. Occasionally he publishes on From 2013 till now he has been writing articles and ingame content for the multiplayer game Godville. Since 2021 working as an in-house writer and narrative designer in the Globula game project.
Favorite games:
UFO, EVE Online, Civilization II
Brand & Product Designer
Brand and product designer with over 15 years of experience as an art director in design agencies, software, and product companies. Has wide experience both in the user experience design for apps, CRM, web services, and in the visual identity. Worked in agencies and software companies, made designs works for major brands such as Adidas, Lamborghini, IBM, Cisco, Google, Sberbank, Magnit, Nelson.
Favorite games:
Fallout 2, Death Stranding, Total Annihilation
Investor Relations Officer
Experienced IRO with a strong background in sales and fundraising.
Skilled in building smart contracts with a $1M TVL and providing security to them.
Successfully raised over $1M for web3 startups in the past, working with companies like Chainlink and Avalanche. Favorite games: Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Star Wars Battlefront 2, Cyberpunk 2077